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Trade with StockHero because it works! Our bots have performed consistently with a high win rate! * : based on actual live trades for all users for the Market Neutral strategy since 2022!

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StockHero Mobile App User Interface showing stock trading bots in action
StockHero Mobile App User Interface showing stock trading bots in action
Automate Trades On World's Leading Brokerages
  • Automate stock trading bot for TradeStation
  • Automate stock trading bot for Webull
  • Automate stock trading bot for Stake UK and AU
  • Automate stock trading bot for Tradier
  • Automate stock trading bot for Alpaca.Markets
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Powerful stock trading bot for all users


Deploy preset bots from the Marketplace and get going in minutes! Engage with our White-Glove Service for a 1 to 1 personal walkthrough! Trade risk-free in our Paper exchange. Talk to our AI ChatBot to get a headstart!

Experienced traders

Access advanced features such as TradingView integration, Strategy Designer, Advanced Indicator Settings and many more! Test out strategies in super fast backtests before deploying them live!

Busy executives

Let StockHero monitor the markets and automatically execute trades for you. Skip the learning curve and simply deploy a bot from our Marketplace.  

Day traders

Access high frequency trades, daily auto-close position feature and many more! Enterprise signal engine ensures day trading opportunities are maximized.

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Choose. Run Bot. Relax

  • Market Neutral Strategy
  • Scalping Strategy
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Long and Short Strategy
  • Many Preset Bots
  • High Win Rate
  • No Coding Required
  • No Software To Install
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Stock Trading Bot Trading Multiple Stocks
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  • Paper Trading

    Test your bots on our virtual exchange. No real capital is needed.

  • AI ChatBot

    Talk to our AI ChatBot regarding any financial matters. Feeling lost? StockHero's AI ChatBot is the answer.

  • Risk Management

    Lots of risk management features such as fund allocation per bot, stoploss, take profits and more.

Many Happy users

What our
customers say

Works 100%

StockHero has made mostly profitable trades for my portfolio. The engine is robust and works 100%. It really helps in enhancing the quality of life for traders since StockHero does the work of monitoring the markets and executes trades based on my configurations. Now, I can just chill and read my books and leave the stock monitoring to StockHero.

Roy B
Portfolio Manager

Beginner Friendly

My overall experience has been positive. Although I've used this app for only a month, I was able to achieve a win/loss ratio of about 70% as a beginner myself. I think I will improve as I get to know more about automated trading. StockHero really helps enthusiast like myself get a foot into automated trading in a positive way.

Henry L
Software Engineer

Great Customer Service

I love their customer service team. Their responses have been very thorough and had helped me with the onboarding experience. StockHero interface design is modern, intuitive and does not overwhelm me at all. Their bots cover many of the strategies used by our trading team saving us precious coding time!

Kathy W

Highly Customizable

StockHero has all the common strategies like DCA and Grid built into an easily consumed user-interface. I was able to configure my "secret sauce" trade parameters into the bots easily. Another thing is that their pricing is not expensive at all. There are other inferior products that are priced many times more.

William F
Portfolio Manager

Trading Companion

StockHero has become my trading companion. One of the important thing I notice is that the software works 100%. The bot executes as it should, all the time. And to me that is what is most important. I also like the bots offered in the marketplace. I tried one and it is working well.

Peter H

Awesome Signal Provider

I am using StockHero to tell me when to buy or sell a stock. This has been working great so far. Each time there is a trade, StockHero mobile app would ping me. I will just execute it manually in my brokerage account. Overall, StockHero is a good app.

Tiffany C

Great Design

Everything! I mean this software StockHero is so well designed, it blew me away. I, especially, love the many configurable options available and how they managed to make it easy to deploy at the same time. I feel this product hits the sweet spot for new to intermediate traders.

Jake F

For Advanced Traders

Since I am an experienced quant trader, I was able to try StockHero without much handholding and was impressed with the ease of configuring my trade strategies. Their customer service is worth a mentioning too. Great response time (usually within hours) and helpful always. Hard to fine something like this in this time and age.

Henry M
Senior Quant Trader

Great 1-to-1 Coaching

I love the various pre-made bots in StockHero's bots marketplace. One thing that I would like to highlight is their White Glove service, a one-to-one guidance to help me get onboarded fast. Their bots from the Marketplace are running around 90% win rate for my favourite stocks like Paypal, Microsoft and some tech ETFs.

John A
Senior Analyst

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> 50 million


> 100,000